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Luxury Villa Rental in Canoubiers St Tropez

In the prestigious and tranquil Canoubiers Bay area of Saint Tropez, our selection of villa rentals offers an unparalleled experience of luxury and peace. This exclusive enclave, known for its idyllic setting and high-end properties, is the perfect destination for discerning guests seeking both privacy and proximity to Saint Tropez’s vibrant lifestyle. Each villa in Canoubiers is a showcase of elegance, featuring sophisticated interiors, lush private landscapes, and often captivating views of the Mediterranean Sea. These residences are more than just accommodations; they represent a luxurious lifestyle, where tranquility and exclusivity reign supreme. Whether you’re drawn to expansive estates with traditional Provencal charm or sleek, modern homes with cutting-edge amenities, our Canoubiers villa rentals cater to a range of preferences. These properties provide an ideal setting for relaxation and entertainment, offering private sanctuaries away from the bustling town center, yet close enough to enjoy its famous beaches, restaurants, and nightlife.

The Villas for rent in Canoubiers St Tropez

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