Redefining Luxury Rentals with Wellness

St Tropez Villas proudly announces a pioneering collaboration with Dr IV, a leader in the field of mobile IV therapy, bringing an exclusive wellness experience to our luxury villa rentals in St Tropez. This partnership is a significant advancement in the luxury rental industry, introducing a unique service that blends the opulence of St Tropez Villas with the rejuvenating benefits of Dr IV’s specialized treatments.

Bespoke Wellness in the Comfort of Luxury

Our commitment at St Tropez Villas is to provide an unmatched luxury experience. Aligning with this commitment, we are excited to offer personalized St Tropez IV therapy sessions from Dr IV within the comfort and privacy of our elegant villas. These therapies are tailored to meet the individual wellness needs of our guests, offering everything from energy-enhancing vitamin infusions to specialized treatments for detoxification, skin health, and immune support. It’s about enhancing your stay with personalized care that complements the luxury and relaxation of your villa experience.

Integrating Health and Luxury in Your Stay

This unique service seamlessly combines the sophisticated luxury of St Tropez Villas with the advanced health solutions provided by Dr IV. Administered by professional healthcare experts, these IV treatments ensure that your stay is not just about luxury, but also about achieving a heightened sense of well-being and rejuvenation.

Elevating Your Luxury Rental Experience

Envision relaxing in the serene ambiance of a St Tropez Villa, surrounded by elegance and comfort, while receiving a wellness treatment that leaves you refreshed and revitalized. This is the innovative experience St Tropez Villas and Dr IV are offering. It transcends the traditional luxury rental service, providing a comprehensive approach that promises every stay not only relaxes but also rejuvenates.

Setting a New Standard in Luxury Rentals

Our collaboration with Dr IV positions St Tropez Villas at the forefront of the luxury rental market. We are excited to be among the first to introduce in-villa IV therapy, in collaboration with a leading mobile IV therapy provider. This initiative not only enhances our luxury rental offerings but also establishes a new benchmark for wellness in the luxury rental industry.

Experience the Ultimate in Luxury and Wellness

Join us for a stay where luxury meets wellness in the heart of St Tropez. With St Tropez Villas and Dr IV, your luxury rental becomes more than just a temporary residence; it transforms into a haven of rejuvenation and unparalleled luxury. Discover the future of luxury rentals with us, where each stay is as revitalizing as it is opulent. Welcome to St Tropez Villas, where every visit is a journey towards wellness in the lap of luxury.


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